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IT-lawyers has the privilege of working with many leading Swedish and international companies. Click on the logos to the right to learn more about some of our assignments.

Saab AB

Saab AB (publ.) provides the global market with world-class solutions, products and services ranging from defense to civil security. IT-lawyers has had the privilege of supporting Saab with a wide variety of transactions over a number of years.

First-generation outsourcing. In 2005 Saab outsources a substantial part of its IT services to TietoEnator. Saab lacks the necessary IT legal expertise and hires IT-lawyers to, together with Saab’s IT and business experts, negotiate and draft the agreement.

Second-generation outsourcing. During 2009 and 2010 Saab renegotiates IT services that have been in place since 2005, for global use. Finally, Saab opts to outsource a significant proportion of these services to CSC. Saab again hires IT-lawyers to negotiate and draft the contract in co-operation with Saab Group ICT.

Third-generation outsourcing. In 2014 Saab is negotiating with CSC to expand its existing workplace services agreement with CSC from a Sweden-based contract to cover its global operations. The process is conducted under extreme time pressure, among other reasons to maintain fierce competition between two rival suppliers significantly advanced in the bidding process. Finally, CSC is awarded the contract which, in addition to introducing Saab’s new computing platform for PC, SCP (Saab Client Platform), for more than 10,000 users, eventually includes the right for CSC to use SCP for other customers. IT-lawyers prepare parts of the tender, as well as negotiate and draw up the contract in co-operation with Saab Group ICT. The transaction is part of Saab’s sourcing projects that are later named as “IT Sourcing Project 2014” by Swedish IT managers.

Telecoms: For many years, IT-lawyers has advised Saab on matters relating to the development and operation of the civil protection system Rakel.


Randstad (former Proffice) is one of the Nordic’s largest staffing, recruitment and outplacement specialists. It is made up of Randstad, Dfind and Antenn, and has around 10,000 employees.

When Randstad decided to invest in a new, more effective and user-friendly IT platform, four major IT projects had to be conducted in a short space of time. Elements of these projects are mission-critical and Randstad’s General Counsel hired IT-lawyers to gain access to specialist IT expertise combined with the in-house lawyer’s experiences of working closely with line organizations. In close co-operation with the client, IT-lawyers is briefed to “act as in-house lawyers.” In less than a year, several IT partnership contracts for various departments in Randstad, such as IT, sales and finance, are tendered and negotiated.


Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is Scandinavia’s leading airline. IT-lawyers has had the pleasure of working with SAS on a variety of projects over a number of years.

Replacement of core systems. SAS decides that all companies in the SAS group need to replace their core systems. Reservation, booking, ticketing, flight cancellations and related systems are to be switched from an in-house system run by the existing supplier in Copenhagen, to a new platform run by Amadeus in Frankfurt. Operations, development and maintenance are outsourced simultaneously. The transaction is conducted primarily as a Software-as-a-Service. Probably Scandinavia’s largest outsourcing transaction in 2008 and 2009, and too large to be handled by a single company lawyer. IT-lawyers is therefore hired to participate in all negotiations and drafting of contracts.

Switching to third-party systems. SAS decides to dismantle its Revenue Management system and replace it with a third-party system. Amadeus is selected. Because some parts of SAS’s systems are more advanced than Amadeus’, which in turn wants to make a developmental leap, the transaction includes several elements. Amadeus buys know-how from SAS by several experts leaving SAS and joining Amadeus. Once Amadeus further develops its systems, SAS migrates to Amadeus. The transaction ensures SAS access to a competitive system and qualified further development of the Amadeus system. Fully developed, the co-operation means that Amadeus provides a Revenue Management system, as well as Revenue Management services to SAS. The transaction is complex and the services are important for SAS, which hires IT-lawyers to assist with negotiations and contract drafting.

New Distribution Capabilities. IT-lawyers assisted Scandinavian Airlines with drafting and negotiating the procurement of SAS’ new IT platform for New Distribution Capabilities. In addition to IT-lawyers, the team consisted of SAS employees and consultants representing different areas of expertise.

Scandic Hotels

Scandic is the largest Nordic hotel operator with a network of 230 hotels with almost 41,000 rooms in seven countries and annual sales of SEK 12.2 billion 2015. IT-lawyers have, for several years, had the privilege to assist Scandic in connection with a large number of deals.

New IT-system. Scandic Hotels decides to replace its existing, decentralized, core system <Property Management System>, with a centralized and outsourced system at all hotels. The system is business critical because it handles check-in, check-out, payments etcetera. Furthermore, the solution is new within the industry. As a result of this, a number of related contracts need to be concluded or renegotiated. Scandic Hotels give IT-lawyers the assignment to negotiate and establish contracts together with internal technical and commercial expertise.

Procurement and contract negotiation. Scandic Hotels will procure WAN and WiFi/Lan for all its hotels and centralize the delivery. Along with Scandic Hotels purchasing and technical experts IT-lawyers get entrusted to draft and negotiate the agreement.

Negotiation. IT- lawyers assists in the negotiation of contracts regarding PC as a Service.


Quant is the global leader in industrial maintenance. Quant implements digital tools to optimise cost and productivity in multiple industries all over the world.

GDPR. User- and customer data are valuable commodities for many companies. With the GDPR entering into force in 2018, all companies had to go over its personal data processing activities to ensure continued compliance with applicable law. IT-lawyers has had the privilege to assist Quant in several GDPR projects and complex GDPR inquiries.


Ambea is one of the Nordic’s market leading care provider in Sweden, Norway and
Denmark respectively. IT-lawyers has had the pleasure of working with Ambea on a variety of
projects over a number of years.

New IT operations supplier. IT-lawyers drafted and negotiated the contract with Ambea’s new
main IT operations supplier. Shortly after closing of the contract with the new IT operations
supplier, Ambea acquired Aleris’ (one of Scandinavia’s largest private health and care providers)
care division. IT-lawyers advised Ambea’ on the inclusion of Aleris’ care division in the contract
with the new IT operation supplier.


ICA Gruppen AB is Sweden’s largest grocery retail group. The company group includes ICA Sweden, which is the leading grocery retailer in Sweden.

Facility Management. IT-lawyers assisted ICA Gruppen AB when ICA replaced its existing facility management service supplier, who provided services to ICA’s 17 logistic centers and offices around Sweden. The services consisted of workplace, real estate and security services. IT-lawyers was assisted with advise on specific conditions in the agreement, and attended the final negotiations with the new supplier.


Crayon is, with more than 20 offices around the globe, a world leader within Software Asset Management (SAM). Crayon are trusted technical advisors to many of the world’s leading organisations, to help optimise clients’ Return of Investment from complex software investments.

IT-lawyers has had the privilege to work with Crayon Sweden for a number of years. Among other, we have drafted standard terms and conditions for customers and partners, assisted in connection with public procurements and various contracts as well as with regard to the GDPR.